Enterprise Search

Because Business is Complicated Enough

That key piece of insight could help you win a deal or avert a disaster. If you can only find it, that is. Every day, your employees battle with your data systems to find enterprise insights buried deep inside the growing disparate haystacks. Isn't it time thy focused on your customers? Our intranet Solution, based on the world's leading and most intelligent enterprise search platform FAST SEARCH from MICROSOFT, is an enterprise search solution that simplifies access and improves your business agility, employee productivity, and return on assets.

Information drives your business. If your employees don't find the right information quickly, they cannot make the right decisions. How long does it take for a new employee to get up to speed? With FAST SEARCH, we provide a single point of access to all your content repositories through the familiar search and navigation interface. Using the solution, your employees can unearth decision-critical information locked inside your enterprise quickly and easily.

Improve business agility

Your employees want an efficient single point of access to the information that resides somewhere in your IT center, and some of which appears on your corporate Intranet. How fast can thy find something in it? With a powerful Enterprise Search Solution such as FAST SEARCH, the answer is immediately. The technology understands the intention behind the user's queries and delivers precise answers, not links to possibilities. In addition, the solution automatically analyses content to create intuitive navigators. Your users can browse through multiple facets to find related content with fewer clicks. Our Corporate Intranet Solution helps your employees to see more clearly, find more swiftly, and act more decisively than ever before possible.

Boost employee productivity

FAST SEARCH automatically aggregates information from all data sources to create an intelligence portal that retrieves and analyses at light speed. Your employees can quickly find answers from sources such as public folders, enterprise applications (ERP, CRM, SFA), paid content sources, databases, legacy systems, and the Web, through the simplicity of a search box.

Using the solution's personalization capabilities, you can serve different views of content based on the employees’ role, access, and profile. Your employees spend less time on searching and more on making the right decisions and serving your customers. Improve returns on assets.

Your information comes in all shapes and sizes. That's why FAST SEARCH gives you the flexibility to tackle over 370 formats in 77 languages. You can connect with all your global sources and get the most out of your existing information and technology investments.

Manage cost effectively

You can tailor FAST SEARCH in every aspect to address your unique requirements. You have all the building blocks you need to be up and running quickly. A centralized management console allows you to manage all aspects of your solution, including robust role-based authorization and authentication at application, user, and document level. FAST SEARCH can handle hundreds of terabytes of data and thousands of users so you can manage your global information access centrally.

The bottom line

No other solution in the market can match the speed, ease, scale, and feature set or FAST SEARCH for your Intranet application. Such power at your fingertips can change your business.