Information Warehousing

Consolidate, Discover, Act

Organisations can no longer afford the costly repercussions of dirty data and the access limitations of rigid data warehouses. To stay competitive, business users are demanding a new approach to today’s traditional solutions. Our Information Warehousing solution, based on the world’s leading and most intelligent enterprise search platform FAST SEARCH from MICROSOFT, provides unprecedented technology that empowers enterprises to reach new levels of intelligence where users are empowered and enabled to drive intuitive and noncomplex interfaces to information.

Better business decisions with accurate, enriched data

A fundamental requirement to any business decision is accurate, clean data. For superior levels of data quality, our Information Warehouse solution goes beyond the limitations of dictionary- and demographic- based approaches and includes advanced linguistic analysis and fuzzy matching to cleanse multiple structured data repositories into a cleansed master index cost-effectively in a matter of weeks. Disparate sources can be joined and missing relationships discovered, providing insight to help users determine what information is available and guide them to the information they need. With superior levels of data quality, business users can focus on making better business decisions rather than validating information.

Increased productivity with ad-hoc, real-time performance

Analysis and decision latency is unacceptable in today’s on-demand world. Our Information Warehouse solution, powered by the FAST SEARCH enables optimised, user-centric search where users can retrieve results to ad-hoc queries, no matter how complex, within a short and predictable timeframe without having to rely on IT. This solution is the perfect choice for meeting the demands of an environment requiring extreme performance. The solution can scale beyond even many 10s of terabytes of data, both structured and unstructured, with real-time updates, supporting 2000 QPS with sub-second response 100% of the time. This high-performance, cost-effective solution brings both aggregate and transactional data to business users and means your workforce is equipped with the right data, at the right time for increased efficiency and effectiveness.

Increased adoption with easy and intuitive access to intelligence

Users can create 360-degree view of their information assets, combining structured and unstructured data, as well as multi-media content, into one consolidated framework. Comprehensive navigation through relevant information is available through a flexible hierarchical drill-down thus eliminating the need to understand data model relationships.