Market Intelligence

Stay Ahead

Every morning, in some remote corner of the Web, a new document is about to tear down your brand, a new competitor about to grab your market share. How do you anticipate such challenges? Our market intelligence solution, based on the world’s leading and most intelligent enterprise search platform FAST SEARCH from MICROSOFT, grows your market share, protects your brand, and improves your marketing ROI.

On the Web, everything is just one click away. This means that you must do more to differentiate, to shape market perception, and to pre-empt competitive threats. Our Market Intelligence Solution helps you to gather, analyse, and communicate mission-critical intelligence about your company, your brands, and your competition. And it does it at the speed of thought, continuously unearthing insights locked inside the vast forum called the Web.

Grow market share

Using our Market Intelligence Solution, you can tap into sources your competitors would never dream of using. The advanced techniques of our Market Intelligence Solution cut through millions of Web pages, blogs, and documents to help you see clearly. You can break open the meaning, intent, and feeling present in the information, revealing more about your opportunities and threats than ever before possible. With persistent, personalised topics, you can organise what is important. And when an opportunity or threat is discovered, the solution can instantly and automatically alert your decision makers with analytics and insights. This increases the velocity and the quality of your decision-making; the first step to improving your market share.

Protect your brand

Our Market Intelligence Solution automatically aggregates information from internal, syndicated, commercial, and Web-accessible sources and applications to create a ‘Virtual Intelligence Library’ that is ready for retrieval and analysis at light speed. It filters and reports on the metrics that are most important to your business and monitors critical analytics over time, providing navigable links that drive deeper insights. Our Market Intelligence Solution detects the positive, neutral, or negative tone of documents, blogs, discussions, or entire collections to capture the sentiment of the market.

This insight enhances your ability to address the brand boosting opportunities and mitigate risks to maximise shareholder value.

Improve marketing ROI

Measuring the effectiveness of your marketing programs is an elusive process to nail down. Using our Market Intelligence Solution, you will uncover real-time issues and emerging trends that can reshape your growth and go-to-market strategies. With early warning, you can evaluate the efficacy of your messaging vehicles, channels, and evangelists. Our Market Intelligence Solution is designed to be your enterprise-wide market intelligence solution. Built on the world’s most scalable platform (MICROSOFT FAST SEARCH), the solution can handle hundreds of terabytes of data and thousands of users with sub-second response time to help you stay ahead of the competition.

The bottom line

No other solution in the market gathers information from as many sources, analyses information more quickly and deeply, and communicates more rapidly and effectively than our Market Intelligence Solution based on FAST SEARCH. It converts raw information into a permanent intelligence asset so businesses can maintain their competitive edge.

How will you stand out?