Portals and Online Directories

A Complete Search and Monetisation Solution

On the Web, everything is just one click away. This means that you must do more to differentiate, to shape. Your competitor is just one click away. The Internet search engines are everywhere, crawling incessantly to commoditise you. Are you ready for them? Our Portal and Directory Solutions, based on the world’s leading and most intelligent enterprise search platform FAST SEARCH from MICROSOFT, are complete search and monetisation solutions to create brand loyalty, drive new revenue, and improve advertising ROI.

As a portal or a vertical content site, you have an unprecedented opportunity to profit from the emerging search-sponsored revenue models. But with more of your competitors doing the same, how will you stand out? With the pervading threat of the Internet search engines, how will you attract new customers?

Our Portal and Directory Solutions allows you to go beyond the standard portal capabilities and create offerings that drive your brand and revenue.

Create brand loyalty

Our Portal and Directory Solutions create a differentiated service offering by getting more out of your existing premium content. By accessing content through a familiar search and navigation interface, your customers always find what they are looking for.

The solutions understand the intention behind the user’s queries and delivers exact answers, not just links. The federated search architecture means that you can aggregate content from all data sources, both structured and unstructured. The solution automatically categorises content and builds intuitive navigators on the fly. Users explore and uncover relevant content and products with fewer clicks by using intelligent texts, maps, and charts. Your user gets the right answer regardless of the source and location of data.

Generate more revenue from content

Search-based advertising has transformed the way online properties create value today. Our Portal and Directories Solutions help you drive more revenue through online premium content business models, higher online traffic, and stronger advertising-led business.

Increase advertising ROI

Our Portal and Directories Solutions give you the ability to create search-driven ad placements based on user queries and business rules. You can analyse your customer behavior and tweak content ranking in real time to connect the right advertisers with the right consumers. Using the solution, you can aggregate third-party syndicated content from various sources to draw more users and in turn achieve higher advertising ROI.

Take control

Our Portal and Directories Solutions bring you all the building blocks and tools you need to accelerate your time to market. In addition, a Web-based console lets a business manager simplify common administrative tasks such as managing their search index, synonyms, content relevancy, ad placements and more, without depending on their IT staff.

Dream big. Achieve more.

Built on one of the world’s most scalable platforms FAST SEARCH from MICROSOFT, our Portal and Directories Solutions can handle hundreds of terabytes of data for thousands of simultaneous users to help you stay ahead of the competition. Moreover, they scale efficiently on commodity hardware to ensure lower TCO and faster return on your assets. Such a significant scale improvement can change your business. The flexibility of the underlying platform lets you bring to market new and innovative products and services to serve the changing needs of your readers and advertisers. For example, you can add mobile search and delivery capabilities to extend your business and serve your mobile users.

Act now

In light of the online disruption, portals and vertical content sites have to rethink their business. We encourage you to harness the power of our Portal and Directories Solutions to unleash innovative business models.

The time to act is now.