Sentiment Analysis

Sense their feelings

ThaiSentiment, one of the text-analysis add-on and standalone project from our research lab, is a leading sentiment analysis system specifically designed for Thai language. It provide a large set of features specific to market intelligence applications, brand monitoring, reputation management and trend analysis. Through our flexible API, you can extract up-to-date intelligence from our trillions characters size knowledge database featuring sentiment for each sentence without having to host that large infrastructure by yourself. Any data requested is available to you in a split second over a secure connection.

The service comes with datasource and sentiment domain customization by our computer engineers and marketing experts. Together these our one stop service will ensure your business position is at the edge.

High Accuracy

We customize our system for each business domain to bring you the most accurate result.


Each clients can easily provide result feedback to the system and the system will be automatically customized to provide higher precision.

Great support

We have computer engineer who work behind the scene as well as marketing expert who you can rely upon available on the phone per your request.


We are an artistic lovers. So our report is beautiful and is customizable to meet your company theme.

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